Dr.Maryam Heroabadi

MBBS , MD -Internal Medicine

Payambar Azam Hospital Qeshm – IRAN

Expertise & Experience


Dr. Maryam Heroabai Internal medicine Physician & Head of hospital at Payambar Azam Hospital – Qeshm Island, hormozgan province, Iran,Educated from Hormozgan Health Sciences University: Internal medicine residency & Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Unit
In fields of hematology, pulmonology, rheumatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease (ex. coronavirus infection), poisoning, etc.In fields of neurologic and cardiac cases, managing Thalassemia Center,Managing patients with Sickle cell crisis,Managing Hemodialysis & determining quality of dialysis and managing renal failure adverse outcomes, managing patients in Intensive care unit (ICU) both general and corona virus wards, managed Gestational disease in pregnant women like Gestational diabetes , hypertension , eclampsia , thrombocytopenia ,Treatment of Disseminated coagulopathy (DIC) in patients with scorpion or snake bites.
Experienced in reading MRI , CT scan (with or without contrast), sonography , spirometery , simple xray graphy requested and used for patient treatment, Thoracentesis ,ascites tap & lumbar puncture procedures.
Expertised in handling Diabetes Mellitus ,Thyroid Diseases ,Pulmonolgy Problems & Hematologic Problems

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