Dr. Somayeh Shamsaei

MBBS,MD – Internal Medicine

Assistant Proffessor

Isafahan University of Medical Sciences – Iran

Expertise & Experience


Dr.Somayeh Shamsaei Assistant professor in Isfahan University of Medical Science,Community and family medicine department, worked as Internal medicine specialist as a faculty in Amin hospital, Isfahan,Iran,Internal medicine specialist as a faculty in Ebne-Sina Family medicine specialist clinic.

(CME) Leadership of morning reports and journal clubs

Dissertations as a Tutor:
The effect of education based on health belief model in reforming the behaviors related to sexually transmitted infections in vulnerable women in Isfahan Comparison of serum zinc level of diabetic and non-diabetic patients referred to Amin hospital in Isfahan 2018
Study of the mean of the drug adherence and its related factors in diabetic patients referred to the diabetic centers related to the health -care center Evaluation and comparison average of physical activity in middle- aged population with or without metabolic syndrome referred to the

urban health care centers in Isfahan 2017
Comparison of frequency of psychological disorders in middle-aged population with and without diabetes in Isfahan 2016-2

The survey of the effect of psychological disorders on metabolic syndrome among middle-aged women in Isfahan201 5-2 016
The Effect of School-Based versus Family-Based Intervention on Weight Los and Body Mass Index in Obese and Over weight 6-12- Years-Old Boy Students in Yazd City,Iran

The Prevalence of Smoking in Middle-Aged Patients with Metabolic Syndrome in Comparison with Healthy People, Isfahan City, Iran, 2018
Journal Of Isfahan Medical School Nov 2019 , Volume 37 , Number 544 ; Page(s) 1100 To 1105.
The Relationship between Psychological Disorders and Diabetes Mellitus in Middle-Aged Women, Isfahan, Iran, 2015 to 2016
Journal Of Isfahan  Medical School: Oct 2019 , Volume 37 , Number 538 ; Page(s) 937 To 942.
Prognostic factors of mortality in Iranian patients with systemic lupus erythematous admitted to intensive care unit:
Clin Rheumatol ;2017,Nov;36(11):2471-2477.

Medical Skill:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases inpatient and outpatient.

Taking a complete medical history and doing an appropriate physical exam.

Managing complicated medical problems and considering the differential diagnosis.

Interpreting lab data and para clinical studies related to Internal medicine disorders.

Communication with peer physicians ,staff, patients and their families, students ,and junior physicians.

Strong inter personal and communication skills

Doing procedures like:Upper and lower GI endoscopy, Pleural tap, Ascitis tap.

Languages: Persian, English,Arabic,Turkish,Germany

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