Dr.Nestan Bostoganashvili

MBBS,MD -Associate Proffessor

Clinical Endocrinology

Associate Proffessor- University of Georgia

Expertise & Experience


Dr.Nestan Bostoganashvili  IS A Phd holder from Tbilisi State  University, Tbilisi, Georgia (2014-2018) PH.D.Clinical Endocrinology 




Georgian Association of Endocrinology and Metabolism  (GAEM) (2019-)

European Society of endocrinology (ESE) (2019-)

Georgian Nutrition Society (GNS)  (2019-)

Georgian Youth Development and Education Association (GYDEA) (2012-2014)

Georgian Young Medical students Union (GYMU) (2012)




2021 – “Endobridge” Virtual conference, Poster presentation of Clinical case/ abstract.

   2021– “ECE” – European conference of Endocrinology , Virtual . Poster presentation of Clinical case/ abstract. 

 2020- “ Endobridge” online Conference, Attendance

 2019 ESE post-graduate Seminar In Clinical Endocrinology, Oral presentation. Rotterdam, the 


 2019 ESE post-graduate Seminar In Clinical Endocrinology, Oral presentation. Zagreb, Croatia

 2018 4th CVOT summit of Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases EASD study Munich, Germany

2018 EASO summer school, training the trainers in prevention and  management of  obesity.    Annecy, France

2018   European thyroid association conference, Attendance. Tbilisi, Georgia

2017  Kharkov annual conference on Endocrine diseases. Oral presentation “Case study of a male with     Acromegaly” , Kharkov, Ukraine

2017 European society of Endocrinologists conference, Lisbon, Portugal

2016 Postgraduate training courses for young doctors EASD ,  Baku, Azerbaijan

2016 Postgraduate training courses for young doctors EASD ,  Budapest, Hungary

2016 MediPiet congress on Epidemiology of Chronic disease, Poster presentation, Marrakech, Marocco

2016 17th congress of endocrinology (ICE_SCE), Poster presentation, “The effect of Insulin resistance   of thyroid nodule in women with subclinical hypothyroidism” Beijing , China

2016 World congress on Osteoporosis (WCO-IOF), Spain , Malaga

2015  IDF (international diabetes federation) Annual congress. Poster presentation “Comparing the impact  of Metformin and DPP4 inhibitors on weight loss”, Vancouver, Canada

2015 ISCOMS 2015 the international student congress of (Bio)Medical sciences, Amsterdam, The    Netherlands

2015 WCTOH world conference about Anti –Tobacco actions , Abu-Dhabi, UAE

2013 Warsaw international Medical congress (aka WIMC), poster-presentation, Warsaw, Poland 

2012  Group Leader  youth contest  “Elephant in the room “ (framework on Gender-based violence, HIV and AIDS and  a  7 billion population), Tbilisi, Georgia

2011 Internship in Paediatric Endocrine Clinic, Toulouse, France

   2011 A Course of Study “Basic First Aid Training”, organized by “Medescort”, Tbilisi, Georgia

   2011 the Georgian – Israel Symposium on Emergency Medicine, held on 11-12  April,  at   Tbilisi State Medical University

   2011      “UNFRA supported training course sexually transmitted diseases  for Peer Educators” session ,Tbilisi  , Georgia     

  2011   Project “Building Bridges” , “Rondine citadella”, Rondine , Italy, 

 (workshops: Gender inequality, environmental problems, European funding, journalistic writing)

  2011 “Samsun Central Hospital ” E.R department, observer. Samsun , Turkey




  • Completed Dissertation  on “The effect of Growth hormone replacement therapy on metabolic status of   Georgian  adults with growth hormone Deficiency”, 2018




Author of  articles :


“Effects of social isolation on management of Type 2 Diabetes Melitus and its complications during covid 19 pandemic in Adjara region” (co -authors: L.Jashi, R. kvanchakhadze,Q. dundua , N. Nizharadze), Abstract book , CVOD conference, Munich. 2020

“autoimmune thyroiditis and systemic Enzymotherapy”- “Spectrum”, April 2020

“role of Selenium of Thyroid disease treatment”, “Spectrum, 2019

“Growth hormone therapy effect on lipid metabolism in 20 Georgian patients with GHD“ –  “European scientific journal”, September 2017

“Growth hormone Therapy and adipose tissue”- “Georgian Medical News” , September, 2017

“Adult onset growth hormone Deficiency and Replacement therapy.” Clinical and Translational Medicine”, March, 2017

Author of  short stories collection:

Novel “My grandmother is Criminal”

Novel “Algerian angel”



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